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How PRK can reduce your dependency on prescription vision correction

Tuesday, December 15th, 2020, 2:57 am

Patients who want to eliminate the need for prescription eyeglasses and contacts due to astigmatism, hyperopia, or myopia may want to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor to learn more about a procedure called PRK, or “photorefractive keratectomy.” PRK is a surgery used to reshape the surface of the cornea using a specialized excimer laser that can improve one’s vision. It is one of many vision procedures performed at Marion Eye Center and Optical.

Is PRK better than Lasik?

There are many ways in which patients can improve their eyesight today with advanced technologies and methodologies. What might be appropriate for one individual may not be the most ideal solution for another. To determine if photorefractive keratectomy is appropriate for you, it is important that you undergo a comprehensive examination with our team at Marion Eye Center and Optical. Our professionals can evaluate you to decide if you are a good fit for PRK, Lasik, or alternative surgical procedures available. We evaluate our patients to determine if they are good candidates for one versus another.

What can I expect with PRK?

The entire procedure is done while patients are awake, though we do offer sedative options for patients who are anxious or nervous about their procedure. Numbing drops are put into the eyes to eliminate any discomfort. A speculum holds the eye open to keep the patient from blinking . The very top layer of the cornea called the epithelium is removed to access the inner corneal layer and utilize an excimer laser to reshape the cornea. After the procedure, a soft contact lens is placed in the eye as a sort of bandage to protect the eye and help it heal. During the first few weeks, you may still have light sensitivity and blurry vision, and this is perfectly normal as the epithelium grows back and the eye heals before the soft bandage contact is removed by the doctor at a follow-up appointment.

Learn more about PRK

At Marion Eye Center and Optical, we have 36 locations throughout the areas of IL and MO to help patients with their vision care and eye health. Contact one of our treatment facilities to book an evaluation and discuss the benefits of PRK.

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