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Marion Retina Institute of Marion Eye Centers

Marion Retina Institute | Retinal Disease Treatment | Marion IL | Dexter MOClick to read our Retina Institute Brochure Marion Retina Institute | Retinal Disease Treatment | Marion IL | Dexter MO

Marion Eye Center is proud to announce a significant new expansion with the addition of the Marion Retina Institute, a dedicated, state-of-the-art retina care division focused solely on the care of retinal disease. While Marion Eye Center patients have always received exceptional retinal eye care, the establishment of the Marion Retina Institute elevates that care to a new level, reflecting recent important advances in the treatment of retinal disorders and the high prevalence of retinal disease in an aging population. The retina, frequently compared to the film in a traditional camera, is the thin, light-sensitive membrane lining the back of the eye. Light passes through the pupil and lens and is focused on the retina, which sends signals to the brain, resulting in the ability to see.

As a patient ages, this retinal membrane can become damaged due to an assortment of causes, including diabetes and macular degeneration. Marion Eye Center founder Dr. Maqbool Ahmad is both pleased and proud that his two sons, Dr. Omar Ahmad and Dr. Faisel Ahmad, will be heading the new Retina Institute. “Of course it makes a father proud to see his sons return home as accomplished professionals to care for the residents in their community,” he says, “but even if they weren’t related to me, I’d still be extremely confident in their abilities. These are two very skilled physicians.”

Marion Retina Institute | Retinal Disease Treatment | Marion IL | Dexter MO

Dr. Omar, a graduate of  Washington University school of medicine with specialized training in retina from Cleveland Clinic will concentrate primarily on surgical treatments, while Dr. Faisel, a graduate of Northwestern University with a medical degree from Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, and currently a Marion Eye Center cataract specialist, will focus on medical treatment options.

Patient Testimonials

  • "Outstanding Staff! They go above and beyond to help you with your optical needs!" - J.W.
  • "Kind and professional treatment. Very informative regarding my care and conditions. Very efficient transition to extended care." - S.F.
  • "Very professional staff. Always courteous. Skilled and knowledgeable." - K.T.

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