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The Importance of Pediatric Eye Exams

Tuesday, August 15th, 2023, 12:00 pm

Pediatric eye examAs adults, we know the importance of eye exams, but it is important to note that children need the same care and attention when it comes to their vision. Pediatric eye exams support your child’s lifelong ocular health while addressing any issues they may develop as they grow.

Here is what you need to know about pediatric eye exams and what makes them so important.

Importance of Pediatric Eye Care

It is important for children to receive regular eye examinations even if they are not showing any visual signs of vision problems. While they may seem completely healthy and problem-free now, a problem can develop quickly and may not be seen by the naked eye. Children should have their first eye exam by age 3, or sooner if their pediatrician recommends one.

How Poor Vision Can Affect Children

Without a proper eye examination, you may not be able to tell if your child is struggling with their vision, and in some cases, they may not be able to realize it, either.

One sign of poor vision in children is a decline in academic performance. Children may not be able to read easily, see the teacher’s writing on the board, or complete tests and homework well.

Children with vision impairments may also struggle with sensory development and recognizing non-verbal social cues. Catching poor vision issues early can help your child receive the support they need to thrive.

Symptoms of Poor Vision

While you or your child may not be aware that their vision is poor without a proper eye examination, there are a few symptoms that may indicate struggling vision. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Eyestrain
  • Poor hand-eye coordination
  • Holding objects close to their face
  • Clumsiness (frequent tripping or stumbling)

Pediatric eye exams can also detect any developmental eye disorders that could be impacting your child’s vision, such as congenital eye malformations.

Get Your Pediatric Eye Examination in Marion, IL

At Marion Eye Center & Optical, we believe that every child has the right to have the best vision possible, and we are dedicated to helping your child see better.

If you’re interested in a pediatric eye exam and eye care, give us a call at 800-344-7058. You can also contact us online to schedule an appointment.

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