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Night Driving: Staying Safe

Thursday, November 15th, 2018, 5:20 am

optical care Marion, ILAs we age, our eyes change. If you have glasses or contacts, you probably understand that the need for them came when you were old enough to read the board at school (or not read the board, for some of us). Though everyone is different, there are larger trends that can inform us of what to expect. Case in point, when we reach our fifties and sixties, we may accept that we need glasses to read dinner menus or food labels. And likewise, we may start to become more cautious as we drive at night.

Night Driving and Age

As we age, we have greater difficulty seeing at night. Our pupils don’t expand as wide, and that means that we need more light to see as we used to. This can cause problems driving at night, and especially during the winter when it’s dark more of the day.

Non-Glare Glasses

Some claim that anti-glare, yellow-tinted glasses can help you see better at night. While we agree with the anti-glare suggestion, the jury is still out on whether yellow-tinted glasses really do help. The idea is that the yellow tint will help you see things in greater contrast, but it depends on your preference and how you see best.

Anti-glare coatings on your glasses are highly recommended if you wear your glasses every day, or enough that you may end up wearing them while driving at night. The anti-glare coating can be added to your lenses when you update your glasses prescription, and can help you see more clearly when lights are in your face while driving.


Overall, if you’re driving at night, you should take extra caution if your eyes are changing. Giving yourself more room between you and the car in front of you can help you avoid an accident, as can staying more vigilant about what’s going on around you. Keep your eyes moving and checking for animals on the side of the road or children playing. Also, clean your windshield. You may be surprised at how many streaks there were, just clouding your vision.

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