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Am I at Risk of Developing Optic Neuropathy?

Tuesday, October 15th, 2019, 2:25 am

The optic nerve is the pathway between the eyes and the brain. The retina intakes information about what we see and translates it to the brain through the optic nerve. This includes the color, contract, and brightness of the world around us. However, when something goes wrong with the optic nerve, it can impact one’s ability to see properly. A condition that is caused by damage or changes to the optic nerve is referred to as optic neuropathy.

What is optic neuropathy?

Optic neuropathy is a condition that is due to damage to the optic nerve. The nerve cells are delicate and can be injured or damaged. However, these nerve cells don’t regenerate, which can cause patients to experience a loss of vision that may become permanent.

What are the symptoms of optic neuropathy?

There are many symptoms patients with optic neuropathy that may require patients to seek the treatment of an eye doctor. Because this condition has various different causes, there are different symptoms for patients to be aware of. Common symptoms that may be seen with optic neuropathy or other eye conditions include:

  • Changes in the appearance of colors
  • A change in the sharpness of vision
  • Gradual vision loss that may come and go
  • Problems that impact one or both eyes

What are the causes and risk factors that may cause optic neuropathy?

The three main causes of optic neuropathy include:

  • Ischemia – insufficient blood flow to the optic nerve
  • Inflammation of the optic nerve
  • Glaucoma

In addition, there are also certain factors that may make patients more at a risk of developing optic neuropathy. These include:

  • Trauma to the head or brain
  • Toxicity from certain chemicals including methanol, ethambutol, amiodarone, and ethylene glycol
  • Aneurisms
  • Tumors around the eye, head, or face
  • Inflammatory disorders such as sarcoidosis
  • Infection of the eye
  • Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy
  • Nutritional optic neuropathy

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