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What are flashes and floaters, and are they a concern?

Thursday, April 15th, 2021, 1:10 pm

Any change in one’s vision should be evaluated by a medical professional. This is especially true if patients are experiencing symptoms such as flashes and floaters. In some instances, floaters can be distracting but not an actual health concern, while in other situations, it may be a symptom of a more serious condition. At Marion Eye Center and Optical, we strongly encourage patients who have noticed changes in their vision to visit our facility for a full evaluation to determine if there is a concern that requires attention.

What are flashes and floaters?

It is not unusual for patients to experience the development of flashes and floaters in the field of vision as they age. In many cases, floaters are clumps of vitreous gel that are casting shadows on the retina. Flashes may occur from the vitreous gel rubbing against the retina. However, there are situations in which flashes and floaters may be a sign of a more serious issue, including retinal tears.

Should I see a doctor about flashes and floaters?

Flashes and floaters may be either a natural side effect of aging or a sign of a problem that requires medical attention. Patients are urged to visit their eye doctor on a regular basis for routine evaluations to examine one’s eye health. However, if sudden changes occur, an appointment should be made for further examination. Flashes and floaters might be a reason for concern if:

  • Patients have one or more extremely large floaters
  • Patients notice persistent light flashing
  • Patients experience the loss of their central vision
  • Patients notice shaded vision occurring regularly

Patients are welcome to connect with the team at Marion Eye Center and Optical if they have any concerns regarding their vision health, even if they just need to be evaluated to ensure their flashes and floaters are harmless.

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