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Are You Seeing Spots?

Sunday, April 15th, 2018, 5:08 am

Flashes and Floaters Marion, ILWe have all had it happen at one time or another. We suddenly see colorful dots in our vision move in odd directions as soon as we try to look at them. What are these strange little spots, and do we need to schedule an eye exam?

Flashes and Floaters

People may experience two types of anomalies in their field of vision — flashes and floaters. Both of these strange visual experiences are caused by the vitreous inside your eye. The vitreous is a gel-like substance that fills the inside of your eyeball. It is found in the cavity that sits behind your cornea, iris, pupil, and lens. The area behind the vitreous is where you find the retina, macula and optic nerve.

Why Do We Need the Vitreous?

Without the vitreous, our eyes would not hold a spherical shape that is important for proper eyesight. The vitreous also helps to keep your retina in an optimal position at the back of the eyeball.

How Does the Vitreous Cause Flashes and Floaters?

Mixed within the gel of the vitreous is a sophisticated network of fibers that connect it to the retina. Flashes occur when the vitreous either rubs directly against the retina or when the vitreous pulls away from the retina. Floaters, on the other hand, are caused by particulates that are floating inside the vitreous gel. The particulates are most often dead cells or small clumps of gel that are free floating.

Are Flashes and Floaters What Happen When I Look at a Bright Light?

The colored streaks that you see after accidentally looking at the sun or other bright light source are not the same as flashes and floaters. This effect happens when the photosensitive cells of your retina are overwhelmed by the intense light coming through the front of the eye.

Do I Need Treatment for Flashes and Floaters?

Floaters do not necessarily mean that something is wrong with your eyes, yet to be on the safe side, we recommend that you schedule an eye exam if you experience flashes and floaters.

Do You See Flashes and Floaters? Contact Marion Eye Center & Optical.

To schedule an eye exam or learn about LASIK vision correction, pediatric eye care, and our other services, contact Marion Eye Center & Optical to schedule an appointment. You can contact us directly at (800) 344-758 to schedule an appointment at one of our Illinois locations in Anna, Benton, Carbondale, Carlyle, Carmi, Carterville, Centralia, Chester, Christopher, DuQuoin, Effingham, Eldorado, Fairfield, Flora, Harrisburg, Herrin, Marion, McLeansboro, Mt. Vernon, Murphysboro, Nashville, Olney, Pinckneyville, Salem, Sparta, Steeleville, Vandalia, Vienna and West Frankfort. To schedule an appointment at our offices in Missouri, including Cape Girardeau, Charleston, Dexter, Poplar Bluff and Sikeston, contact us at (877) 269-4545.

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