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5 Signs Your Child May Need Glasses

Friday, April 15th, 2016, 10:00 am

5 Signs Your Child May Need GlassesKnowing that your child is struggling with their vision can be difficult. They may not even know it themselves. Nearly 80% of what a child learns is obtained visually. That’s why it’s important for your child to have a vision screening or comprehensive exam by age five. This helps to promote early detection and intervention before untreated eye problems become more serious. If you’ve notice your child experiencing any of the following, it may be an indication that he or she needs eye glasses.

​Headaches, Nausea or Dizziness
Glasses may be in order if he or she has frequent headaches, rubs his eyes constantly, or complains of being nauseous for no reason. Some children also mention dizziness when taking on visual tasks, including reading.

Bumping Into Things
Your child may not just be clumsy. She may have impaired vision if she trips over objects or regularly bumps into corners that are easily seen by others.

Difficulty Reading
If your child uses a finger as a place mark or frequently loses his place while reading, these could be indicators of a vision problem. Similarly, holding a book close to the face while reading can be a red flag.

Sitting Too Close to the TV
A child that regularly sites very close to the TV or computer screen may have vision impairment. If this behavior is coupled with squinting and frequently rubbing the eyes, it’s a good idea to schedule an eye exam.

Eye Misalignment
Eyes that cross or drift outward may be a serious visual condition. This misalignment of the eyes (or strabismus) is caused when the eye muscles fail to work together. Schedule an appointment with your eye doctor right away if you suspect this is the case.

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