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Why Would I Need Eye Exercises?

Tuesday, January 15th, 2019, 6:15 pm

Eye Care | Marion, ILMany people utilize eye exercises to support their eye health. And though you may not have ever heard of eye exercises, you may know people who are very familiar with them. For example, did you know that snipers in the military often utilize a small set of exercises that help them focus on objects far away? Of course, being able to see well is important to their job, and though you may not be interested in joining the armed forces, you may still find the idea of eye exercises intriguing.

We do not suggest wasting time on exercises in the attempt to support the improvement of vision issues. Especially those issues that are caused by the irregular shape of any part of the eye, may not be helped by exercise. This is because exercises are not known to change the shape of the eye.

If you are myopic or hyperopic, for example, the cornea of the eye is often misshapen, which then causes your vision to be blurry. This is why we wear utilize glasses and contacts. What we may recommend when you come to see us are exercises that support the eyes working better together. Certain exercises or tips can be extremely useful for people with certain eye issues. You may ask your child to wear an eye patch if she develops a lazy eye, for example.

What may be helped with eye exercises:

  • blurry vision
  • light sensitivity
  • eyestrain

What may not be helped with eye exercises:

  • squinting
  • spasms of the eye
  • excessive blinking
  • paralyzed eye muscles

Additionally, it’s important to mention that dyslexia will not be helped with eye exercises, as dyslexia is caused by the brain processing things differently (as opposed to an issue with the eyes).

If you feel you may have an issue where your eyes are not working together properly, or you experience considerable strain after working on a computer, you may benefit from assistance. Call us at (800) 344-7058 for a consultation at our Illinois office or (877) 269-4545 for our Missouri location to learn more about what we can do for you.

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