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Signs Your Child May Need Glasses

Monday, August 15th, 2022, 5:41 am

Outdoor portrait of a cute little 9 year old girl wearing eyeglassesIt might sound odd to people who have always had perfect vision, but for those of us with vision problems it can be difficult to recognize that you aren’t seeing as well as you should be. Worsening vision can happen very gradually, and you may not think much about it when objects that are far away or close by (or both) start to seem a bit blurrier than they used to. This is especially true for children, who probably aren’t thinking about their eyes at all, and may not even think to tell you that they can’t see correctly. However, there are some signs that can tell you if your child may need glasses.

Does your child do any of the following?

You should schedule an eye appointment for your child if they:

1. Complain of frequent headaches or eye pain, which are caused by their eyes having to work harder to see correctly.

2. Rub their eyes frequently, which can also be a way of trying to make tired eyes feel better.

3. Tilt the head, squint, and/or cover one eye to try to see better.

4. Sit too close to the TV or computer or hold objects such as their phone or books very close to their face.

5. Are having problems in school. These can range from difficulty concentrating and comprehending to avoiding school work. Some behavioral problems can also be the result of difficulties seeing properly.

Your child may not realize they aren’t seeing as well as they can and should be. It may be quite the shock for them when they put their glass on for the first time and can see clearly for the first time in months! Your child should see the eye doctor every 2 years to test their vision, but don’t wait if they seem to be having problems seeing correctly. If it is time for a trip to the eye doctor for your son or daughter (or for the whole family), call Marion Eye Center and Optical. Contact the office in Illinois (800-344-7058) or the office in Missouri (877-269-4545) for an appointment today!

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