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6 Things You Should Know About LASIK

Monday, November 15th, 2021, 3:09 am

LASIK has been around for a long time, and millions of people have had this life-changing procedure. Maybe you’ve been considering LASIK, but you’ve had some doubts. Read on for 6 facts about LASIK that may help you decide if it’s finally time to get rid of your glasses and contacts! 

  1. It is very safe. Although there are risks with any procedure, LASIK is considered to be one of the safest procedures there is.
  2. If the thought of having a blade around your eye is stopping you from having a correction procedure, you don’t have to worry! The thought of a blade is enough to make anyone nervous, but LASIK uses lasers, not blades.
  3. It is quick. It typically takes around 30 minutes total – 15 minutes per eye. And, you will see improvement as soon as the procedure is over (although it may take a few months for the full results).
  4. You may still need glasses or at least reading glasses. You should speak with your doctor about your vision and exactly what LASIK can do for you. Some patients do still need glasses or reading glasses, or they may need them in the future even with the procedure.
  5. LASIK is not for everyone. Patients with very poor vision or very thin corneas aren’t good candidates for LASIK. However, there are other corrective procedures that may be able to help you if LASIK can’t – your doctor will be able to give you other options.
  6. You’ll wonder why you waited so long. It is understandable that you may be a bit nervous having a procedure done to your eyes. However, LASIK has a great safety record, and after your procedure you’ll be able to enjoy life without worrying about glasses and/or contacts and all of the hassles that come with them.

There comes a time for many people when they become tired of living with glasses and contacts. If that time has come for you, you can trust Marion Eye Center and Optical for LASIK treatment. Call for a consultation today, at the office in Illinois (800-344-7058) or the office in Missouri (877-269-4545)!

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