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What To Expect at Your Child’s First Eye Exam

Saturday, April 15th, 2023, 6:54 am

Optometrist examines the sight of young girlYour child’s first eye exam is the first of many rites of passage as they grow. Are you wondering what your child’s first eye exam is going to be like?

The First Exam

Technically, your child’s first eye exam will take place soon after they are born, as part of their well-baby exam. It is recommended that their first in-office eye exam take place before they turn 2, so the doctor can determine if there are any eye issues that can be treated before they turn into something more serious. Often a parent isn’t even aware that the child may be having problems seeing or issues with the eyes, even if the child is older.

Eye exams may vary from doctor to doctor, but they are all meant to check for problems with vision and for any signs of eye disease and to make sure that their vision is developing as it should for their age. The tests will include a refraction test to assess for nearsightedness (trouble seeing far away), farsightedness (trouble seeing objects that are close), and astigmatism (an abnormal curvature of the eye that makes it difficult to see either up close or far away). A comprehensive eye exam will also be done, to observe how the eyes move, using tools such as an eye chart and a light. Your child may be given eye drops to dilate the pupils so that the doctor can get a good look at the structures inside the eye, to help them determine if your child has a focusing or refractive error that could be helped with glasses.

To make the most out of your child’s exam, come prepared with any questions or issues you think the doctor should know about. Does your child squint? Do they rub their eyes a lot? Do they seem to have trouble seeing far away, or do they hold books very close to the face?

For the health of your child and their eyes, it is important to get the right eye doctor. Fortunately, the doctors you trust with your eyes also offer pediatric eye care! Call Marion Eye Center and Optical in Illinois at 800-344-7058 or in Missouri at 877-269-4545.

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