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Will I See Clearer After Cataract Surgery?

Friday, February 14th, 2020, 7:17 am

Patients who are noticing a progression of clouding and fogginess in their line of vision may be dealing with a condition known as cataracts. Cataracts can form at any age, but typically impact aging patients over the age of 40. This clouding can impact vision acuity and, over time, cause patients to become legally blind. The only treatment readily available for cataracts is that of cataract surgery.

What happens during cataract surgery?

During cataract surgery, the doctors of Marion Eye Center and Optical will remove the affected lens and replace it with an artificial lens. This lens, known as an intraocular lens or an IOL, will restore clear vision for the patient. This is a routine procedure and is performed at our practice as an outpatient treatment. Patients do not need to stay at a hospital overnight to have cataract surgery performed, and healing and recovery is relatively simple.

Will I see clearer after cataract surgery?

Patients who have been dealing with cataracts for an extended period of time are often excited to have the procedure performed to restore their vision. However, it is important that patients understand that healing time is needed after surgery before final results are seen. After cataract surgery, patients may notice that their vision is still blurry. This is normal and expected as the eye begins to heal and adjust. Patients also often report that colors seem brighter and more vibrant to them, but this is because they are looking through a clear, new lens! The results of cataract surgery can drastically improve a patient’s quality of life, making it a wonderful investment for those who have cataracts that have impacted their vision and vision health.

Who is a candidate for cataract surgery?

The doctors of Marion Eye Center and Optical will evaluate a patient who has cataracts to determine if they are appropriate for surgery. Some patients may want to have the procedure done in the earlier stages, while others may have to wait for greater impact to their vision to have their surgery covered in part or in whole by their vision insurance plan.

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